Know Your Rights!

Since the approval of the “Law on the environmentally endangered zone of Obiliq and its surroundings”, it has been little discussed about the process of the implementation of the law.

In order for the inhabitants of Obiliq to know the rights this law brings to them, this small grant launched an informatory webpage called and organized round table panel discussion.

Through the establishment of the open-data webpage, the local communities and CSO can get informed in detail about all the aspects of the policies under this law and are provided with visual and simplified information on the 12 Articles deriving from the Law of Obiliq. This platform now can be used as a window where you can read or share your opinions, complain or ask any question related to the Law of Obiliq.

A round table panel discussion was also organized, where were present local decision-makers and representatives of institutions responsible for the implementation to talk about the challenges of the implementation of the articles that come out of this law.

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