IBSE Training Serving the Science Teachers – University Support Grant Program

Yesterday, Faculty of Education, University of Prishtina, held an award ceremony for the teachers who attended the “Training of Inquiry Based Science Education Trainers serving the Science Teachers”.

The IBSE training was offered to FE science staff by professors from the Indiana University with the purpose to improve the education system in Kosovo.
This project was part of the University Support Grant Program.

Know your rights!

On Monday, Keep it Green hosted a round-table discussion as part of the monitoring of the implementation of “The Law on the hazardous environmental zone of Obiliq and surrounding areas”. 
The round-table consisted of discussions and debates regarding the environmental legislature in Kosovo and the steps to be taken towards proper implementation.

An online platform was also presented during the event. Citizens will be able to use regarding their law-guaranteed rights in the upcoming info-sessions in the community.

This project was funded by KUSA as part of the Alumni Small Grants Program and aims to reduce law-breaking and encourage transparency by raising information levels of general public and CSOs in Obiliq about their rights guaranteed by the recently approved law.

University Support activities

Developing and implementing common course evaluation instrument for all CES (Center for Energy and Sustainability) and having Professor Jonathan Fink as a speaker, were the activities of the project “Building Institutional Capacity in the New UP Center for Energy and Sustainability” which is part of University Support Grant Program funded by U.S. Embassy in Prishtina.

 Professor Fink, having an impressive carrier as a researcher in various well-known universities in the United States, currently is a leading scientist and practitioner of sustainability and he offered a seminar on “The Science and Practice of Sustainability”.

This activity gathered over 70 participants including management of the UP, members of Center for Energy and Sustainability, professors, students etc.

Inspiring tomorrow’s engineers and scientists: Tackling girls’ academic self-perception at an early age

This project aimed to establish a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Club in one of the schools of Prishtina. By performing creative and fun activities and games, the children had the opportunity to learn and to get inspired by many women role models that were part of the club gathering through their lectures. These lectures by women who are engaged in STEM careers, brought the children closer to the idea of a woman engineer, scientist, computer programmer, astronaut etc.

The activities of the project included visits in different companies related to the STEM field and educational institutions, which gave to the children the chance to see innovative and creative environments and inspired them to approach STEM choices for their future studies and careers.

At the end of the project a science exhibition was organized within school to showcase the as the creative ideas of all the children and to get to share with everyone what they have learnt during this project.

Debate Club continues its activities

Members of Debate Club from Ferizaj welcomed Ms. Teuta Jaha as a guest speaker in this week’s debate club gathering. Ms. Jaha coming from an architecture background, shared her journey of becoming one. Kids were thrilled to listen to her as she advised them about their future careers as an architect.

After an exciting debate with guest speaker, pupils continued with usual activities of the Debate Club. They were introduced to a new topic and taught by their coach Mr. Erblin Hoxha on how to form a constructive argument no matter their personal beliefs.

MoU with Municipality of Prishtina

Today, KUSA representative Ms. Riza has signed a memorandum of understanding with Directorate of Education, Municipality of Prishtina. The purpose of this agreement is to implement the project “Prishtina School Clubs”, funded by the U.S. Embassy in Prishtina.

The project “Prishtina School Clubs” aims to establish extracurricular school clubs in all primary schools in Prishtina area. The clubs will revolve around the theme of art, debate, outdoor activities and technology that tend to persuasively spur creativity, critical thinking, discussion proficiency, environmental awareness, technological influences, and so forth. The core objective in influencing the development of education through technology and innovative systematic approaches will intensively be addressed through the inclusion of alumnus and various workshops.

Debate Clubs

Debate Club had a guest speaker on this week’s gathering. Ms Vjosa Spahiu Gola talked to the pupils of Kaçanik about her experience as a journalist. Her interesting job awakened the curiosity of the young students who popped many questions to Ms Spahiu about her everyday job as a radio journalist, her various interviews of well-known personalities and the programs she conducts live on radio.

Students that are part of this club also continued the activities that aim to improve their argument forming abilities and other skills that help them become better debaters. The Debate Club Coordinator Mr Erblin Hoxha lectured them on developing their confidence in presenting positions and arguments.