KUSA Alumni Awards

Every year, KUSA seeks to recognize and award a KUSA alumna/alumnus for their outstanding results in sharing their experience and knowledge as a USG alumni with the Kosovan community.
The "Emerging Leader" award recognizes outstanding contributions made by recently returned alumni. These alumni should have attended the exchange program within the past 5 years and made exceptional contributions upon their return or launched crucial initiatives to improve their communities during 2023.
The "Alumni of the Year" award highlights alumni who have stood out as great leaders and community service-oriented individuals, especially during 2023. This award acknowledges the accomplishments of an alum within 2023 and those who have demonstrated a commitment to a project, activity, or increased alumni engagement during the year.

Award Overview

The Alumni of the Year and Emerging Leader Awards recognize and celebrate the many achievements of KUSA members for outstanding contributions to their profession, alumni community, and the advancement of society. 

All Alumni who will be nominated for the Alumni Awards will be evaluated by the evaluation panel committee through these criteria:

1.     Number of activities the member has been engaged in KUSA throughout the year.

2.     Supporting the development of the community (How has this member affected the development of the community? What kind of impact has she/he had?)


Activities are considered scheduled events organized by KUSA in which alumni have participated during the year, i.e., applying with an initiative on KUSA Grant Programs, implementing a project, marking special days with KUSA, and joining in KUSA campaigns/initiatives. 


Impactful activity/project is considered: 

1.     If the activity/project in which the alumni has been involved engaged a significant number of other KUSA alumni and has strengthened the alumni community.

2.     If the alumna/us makes an effort to make a change and put his or her experience and knowledge to good use for continuous improvement over a period of time.

To be considered for this award, alumni must:

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Succes Stories

If you need inspiration for successful activities and projects, here you can find what KUSA members shared with you.

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