Each year, KUSA aims to create an engaging environment for our Alumni and encourage them to contribute towards civil society involvement and development with regards to Kosovo’s reform efforts in economic, social and cultural spheres. One activity that fosters this principle is Alumni Talks. 

Alumni Talks is an annual activity, held four times during the year. It is designed with the idea of providing our Alumni members a platform to voice their thoughts, opinions or concerns with the U.S. Embassy. Based on the topic, participants will meet with representatives of different sectors of the Embassy. For instance, if the topic is Education, participants will discuss with policymakers from that sector.

In 2020, KUSA talks will be organized during the months of March, June, September, and December. Each month will have a different thematic. The topics for this year are organized as follows:


Depolitization and Institutionalization

Environment and Energy

Kosovo Security Sector

If you have something to say in relation to the topics mentioned above, you are welcome to join our Alumni Talks sessions. This is a great opportunity for Alumni to network with different sectors of the Embassy, as well as meet Mr. Philip S. Kosnett, the US Ambassador to Kosovo. 


To become a participant of Alumni Talks, you have to fill out an application form where you state your:

Contact information

The study program

Field of interest

Short description of the issues you want to discuss related to the topic.

We host up to 10 Alumni for each session. All alumni are eligible to apply regardless of your program. Alumni will be chosen based on the quality of their idea they will present on the application form.

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