Mjellma Carabregu Vokshi

May 6, 2019

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Mjellma Carabegu Vokshi is currently an assistant professor in the Economics Department at the Faculty of Economics in the University of Prishtina. Ms. Vokshi lectures economic courses such as Macroeconomics, Development Economics, Personnel Economics, Economics of Public Sector, Economics of Knowledge and so forth. Ms. Vokshi pursued her studies in the United States during 2017 through the Open World Leadership Program. Her experience and academic development in the US has been transmitted in Kosovo in the form of numerous contributions through constant engagement with Kosovo United States Alumni (KUSA).

Upon her contributions, one that is highly worth of noting, is the organization of the Conference “Education for the Future,” which is also the motive for awarding Ms. Vokshi as the Alumni of the Year Award 2018. The “Education for the Future” Conference represents one of the largest conferences organized and held in Kosovo during 2018. The conference focused on the lack of discussion, debate and agreement on various social, political and economic issues between higher education institutions (HEI) and the government with regards to the needs, challenges and opportunities that the higher education system is facing in Kosovo. This conference has challenged the contemporary landscape of higher education in Kosovo through influencing and bringing forward several ideas regarding professional development and addressing key issues of higher education in Kosovo.

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