Rozafa Ukimeraj

September 24, 2018

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Rozafa Ukimeraj is one of KUSA’s most active members, she is the leader of the Alumni Focus Group – Rule of Law, through which several projects have been initiated, and one of them is the “Mentorship Program” coordinated by her. This project was implemented in cooperation with the University of Prishtina, NGO’s, businesses and the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo. This group developed a mentorship project which was dedicated to young women (female students as mentees) and was implemented by KUSA female members as mentors. The Mentoring program intended to assist young women to learn from their mentors through an ongoing skill-building and problem-solving process, with a capacity-building approach which prepared these young women for their future professional career. Rozafa has attended two exchange programs offered by the U.S Embassy in Kosovo; The Hope Fellowship Program in 2009 and the Transformation Leadership Certification Program in 2015. Furthermore, changing the behavior of public officials; mentoring young women in becoming future leaders; transferring the positive energy and the professionalism gained through the exchange experience in the U.S., opens the opportunity for a public official to be committed to fight for high standards of integrity.

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