Prishtina School Club Fair 2019

The preparations for the Prishtina School Club Fair have begun!

Today KUSA met with the management staff and professors of all Primary Schools in Prishtina, who have shown keen interest in finding out more about “Prishtina School Clubs.” Through this meeting, KUSA representatives shared their experience and strategy with established or re-activated school clubs in four schools in Prishtina, Ferizaj, Shterpce and Kacanik. Moreover, KUSA also had the chance to share its plan for the fair including the clubs, as well as their organizational structure.

All schools agreed to allow KUSA to act as a consultant throughout the establishment or re-activation of the following clubs: Art, Debate, Technology and Outdoor Activities Club.

Prishtina School Clubs

The Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Prishtina has come to a decision for Primary Schools to spend 30% of their curriculum to extracurricular school activities. Therefore, with KUSA’s experience in Primary School Clubs from the project “Alumni Engagement through Extracurricular School Activities,” the Directorate and KUSA have reached an agreement to collaborate for the implementation of this project.

With this in mind, KUSA will organize a fair where the club’s organizational structure will have the chance to meet KUSA Alumni and different companies operating in Kosovo. The organizational structure is made up of 20-25 students, i.e. the club coordinator who is a full time professor at the school, the president and the vice president who are selected from the students. KUSA alumni will share their experience and expertise, whereas, the companies will share their work as well as the expertise that their company needs and values. Moreover, the clubs that will be established or re-activated are Art, Outdoor Activities, Technology and Debate Club. Therefore, through this fair, the schools will have a chance to develop a curricula for the club which they will follow throughout the school year.

The fair will be organized in the following weeks and KUSA’s help for the schools to develop these clubs will continue throughout the year.

Extracurricular School Activity with Debate Club

Debate Club gathers students from grades 6 to 9 to learn more about the rules and styles of debating.

Through Debate Club, we aim to enhance the students’ critical thinking skills. This is achieved by choosing different topics which are of interest to their age; therefore, encouraging them to challenge each other with questions and opinions.

For this phase of the project, the Debate Club Coordinator is our Alumni, Erblin Hoxha, who has been working with different debate teams for 10 years. Mr. Hoxha has experience in teaching the methods of debating to high school students; thus, he volunteered his time to modify these lectures for middle school students. The lectures include lessons on critical thinking skills, debating skills, researching, different forms of debating etc.

Extracurricular School Activity with Technology Club

Part of the Extracurricular School Activities is the Technology Club, which is developed in cooperation with our alumni coordinators and school coordinators. This club provides students with hands-on learning, which puts into practice what they study in class.

For this club, we select our best and most experienced alumni to lecture the students on the field of Technology. With their help, we have formed a lecture, “Software and Hardware Essentials,” which extends their knowledge on the basis of IT. Moreover, our alumni share their experience gained in the U.S., and show students the wide array of professions that Technology provides.

Last week, this lecture was taught to the middle school students in Shterpce, Kaqanik and Ferizaj!

MDAO Phase II – Art Club

Our activity for Art Club in all three municipalities, Shterpce, Kacanik and Ferizaj included around 70 students from 6th grade to 9th grade.

For this activity each school had different set of projects in mind, and KUSA coordinators complied with their requests.

One school in particular, “Nazmi Osmani” in Ferizaj, Elezaj have included five students from the special class in the Art Club. Through this activity, the club marked the World Down Syndrome Day.

The final projects are now part of the schools’ gallery.

This activity came to be as part of “Alumni Engagement through Extracurricular School Activities.”

Certification Award Ceremony “Acknowledge my CV”

Various KUSA projects have the purpose and goal of raising awareness, changing public attitudes and behaviors to drive positive social change while encouraging action towards a particular phenomenon or issue within our society. They are predominantly designated to educate our society through generating awareness and positively influencing the public opinion to drive societal transformation and change attitudes towards a particular anomaly. One particular issue KUSA wants to bring to the limelight is the neglected role of women in our society as the critical social support structures. It is crucial to emphasize the significant role of women in our society and reflect upon their influential capabilities and the roots of their meteoric rise through encouraging them to voice their thoughts, ideas and opinions. As a result, Shkendije Himaj, KUSA Member, initiated the project “Removing Ceiling for Equal Opportunities” with the focus on removing some of the impediments related to various barriers regarding gender diversity in Kosovo as well as promoting equal opportunities for women in numerous decision-making processes within the society.

The project was lastly celebrated through a Certification Award Ceremony with regards to the professional development training programs conducted for a selected group of women coming from various professional backgrounds. Therefore, on March 18th, KUSA together with Ms. Shkendije Himaj hosted the certification ceremony “Acknowledge my CV” for the closing of the project as a sign of revering the women who participated and celebrating the completion of a successful project. Attendees had the chance to recognize all the women who participated in such a training program, whose aim was to facilitate a pathway for women in leading positions and/or management roles.

The imperative role of women in our society was also amplified by the United States Ambassador Mr. Philip Kosnett, whose presence honored the entire event. Through a powerful speech, the US Ambassador talked about women empowerment in the workplace as well as the necessary actions and activities Kosovo should undertake to further promote equal opportunities.

Recognizing the importance of this project as a critical advocate for equipping women with leadership skills and training programs that hereinafter motivate women to flourish in the society as equally as men, the Founder and Chair of the Board of Directors Ms. Atifete Jahjage also joined us on our celebration of the achievement of these women. Through a captivating language of speech, Ms. Jahjaga inspired our women to continue thriving and contributing to our society while facing and overcoming any barrier that comes along the way.

Online Registry of all certified trainees, can be found here: