Community Greenhouse of Native Plants

Alumni Small Grants Program (ASG) 2022/23 funded the “Community Greenhouse of Native Plants,” a project initiated and implemented by YES alumna Tringe Sokoli and TLP alumna Medina Orana.  The main aim of this project was to create a community greenhouse of native plants within the University of Prishtina grounds. The greenhouse will be used as a place where students and professors will plant and grow various plant species. This greenhouse will not only serve as a live laboratory for students of biology, ecology, botany, and related fields but will also be enjoyed by the larger public. The official opening event happened on May 10th in the Courtyard of the Department of Philology on the main campus of the University of Prishtina! Distinguished guests, included the Rector of the University of Prishtina, Prof.Dr. Qerim Qerimi, and Prorector Arta Basha-Jakupi, both KUSA alumni, as well as the Academic staff members and students from the Department of Biology, along with valued partners, who contributed to the success of the project. An important contribution to the implementation of the project was given by KUSA alumni Bekim Ramku and OUD+Architects as project partners.

We are excited to see the greenhouse become a live laboratory for students and a beloved community space. Let’s continue celebrating our love for nature, education, and community!\

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