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Award Overview

The Alumni of the Year Award recognizes and celebrates the many achievements of KUSA members, both professionally and personally for outstanding contributions to their profession, community and the advancement of society. Stories are submitted by KUSA members for alumni who have made an important contribution to the local and national community by sharing their accomplishments and experience gained during their studies in the United States with the Kosovar community.

Award Timeline

The deadline for story submission is open from January - November each year. The announcement of award recipient takes place in December, and the award ceremony is held in mid-December during the KUSA End of Year Networking Event. This event gives KUSA a unique opportunity to honour, highlight and profile accomplished alumni while increasing outreach and development.

Award Eligibility

All members are invited to disseminate the award application and can nominate an alumna/alumnus to apply. You are strongly encouraged to submit your story or others.

To be considered for this award, alumni:

  • Be registered members of KUSA
  • Must be active members of the KUSA community
  • Contribute to the community at a local, national or international level
  • Be constantly supporting the development of the regional community and/or economy
  • Have extraordinary achievements as an individual or as part of a group or organization

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