Extracurricular School Activities

This project aims to establish or re-establish four clubs of extracurricular activities in the municipality of Kacanik, Ferizaj, and Shtërpcë. The project includes two primary schools in each municipality. The activities will be implemented by the clubs and will be assisted by KUSA members.
The established/ re-established clubs will be on Arts, Debate, Information Technology, and Outdooring.

Activities that will be implemented in Art Club are: Let’s paint together; Colour my school; Sculpture me; Map of Kosovo;  The Debate Club activities will be: Introduction to Debate; Guest Speaker; Watch a Documentary. Information and Technology Club activities will be: Software and Hardware; Basic programming skills; Basic of networking; Robotics; Visit to the company “Formon”; Visit the “Digital School”.
Also, Outdooring activities will be implemented in cooperation with Kosovo Alpine Club experts: Basic outdoor skills; Excursion to public spaces and parks; Two-day Camping.

The project for extracurricular activities will have a significant impact on the schools and students, as well as our alumni. Each of these clubs includes alumni volunteers as participants and mentors to the students. The aim of the project is to provide new opportunities for alumni community service, while also providing youth with constructive and empowering activities outside the classroom. KUSA staff together with the club coordinators and KUSA members will plan a syllabus and the required materials for each school and each club. Activities will be planned so that they would fit the school syllabus, which is why some activities are different from school to school.

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