Girls in ICT

The Girls in ICT conference was held on Friday, the 26th of April, on the campus of RIT Kosovo and gathered around 300 girls interested in the field of ICT, influential actors of the field, inspiring speakers, and seventeen companies of the field offering hiring opportunities to the girls.

The speakers told their inspiring stories about their studies and their interesting jobs. In this conference, the girls had the opportunity to network with the speakers, guests, and their peers. Workshops opened afterward and participants followed their chosen workshops. After the participants successfully completed their workshop, they were granted certificates in the respective workshops.

At the end of the day, a job-fair was held where fourteen local companies and businesses met with the young girls and discussed hiring or internship opportunities, and the open positions at their companies.

During the conference, the girls got a chance to listen to talks to change-makers and get inspired first hand to bring technological innovation to Kosovo, participate in the workshops and learn practical new skills, network with other skilled people in their field and open the doors for future collaborations, and meet the representatives of the companies working in Kosovo, giving them a chance to apply for open positions and put their skills to life.

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