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Kosovo United States Alumni is a nonprofit association, established in 2007 with the help of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo and its founding board. KUSA is an association of more than 1300 members that had the opportunity to receive scholarships of U.S. Government-funded exchanges and training programs to study in the United States of America. KUSA operates as a democracy that values its members who are making significant contributions by sharing skills and best practices acquired during their U.S. exchange experience with colleagues and communities across Kosovo.

Events we organized lately

On November 21, KUSA hosted a KUSA Talk event, unveiling the Position Paper on Kosovo’s energy transition and its health impacts developed by the KUSA Alumni Team on Energy and Environment. Dynamic discussions revolved around key facets, emphasizing the importance of the ongoing energy transition and its potential health consequences. Participants actively delved into pinpointing […]

For this year’s 4th of July, KUSA brought together a lively gathering of over 40 alumni and partners for a joyous celebration. This special event served as a remarkable opportunity to pay tribute to the shared values of independence, freedom, and collaboration between the United States and Kosovo. Amidst the festivities, KUSA expressed heartfelt gratitude […]

The upcoming KUSA Alumni Talk, scheduled for July 13th, will delve with the Education Team into the topic of “Empowering Student Engagement: Building Sustainable Structures for School Club Activities.” This session will explore a variety of effective strategies and sustainable structures that can be implemented regarding the topic. By attending this talk, one will gain […]

Alumni of the Year Award

Every year KUSA seeks to recognize and award a KUSA alumna/alumnus for their outstanding results in sharing their accomplishments and experience with the Kosovar community. This award aims to celebrate exemplary alumni who have been driving forces of change in their communities for the last years.

Project being developed
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Each year, through mid-scale projects, KUSA engages in projects that seek to support Kosovo’s education system and increase the quality of teaching and learning by innovation and technology. 2020 KUSA Project aims to support the higher education system by creating an innovative coding platform for computer science professors and students. Today, students aspiring to become […]

Each year, KUSA aims to create an engaging environment for our Alumni and encourage them to contribute towards civil society involvement and development with regards to Kosovo’s reform efforts in economic, social and cultural spheres. One activity that fosters this principle is Alumni Talks.  Alumni Talks is an annual activity, held four times during the […]

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Now that you are back in Kosovo, after finishing one of the U.S State Department funded programs, you can become a member of KUSA and benefit from this association. Also, if you are a KUSA member and do not receive emails, please update your information at Membership Form