Inspiring tomorrow’s engineers and scientists: Tackling girls’ academic self-perception at an early age

This project aimed to establish a Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Club in one of the schools of Prishtina. By performing creative and fun activities and games, the children had the opportunity to learn and to get inspired by many women role models that were part of the club gathering through their lectures. These lectures by women who are engaged in STEM careers, brought the children closer to the idea of a woman engineer, scientist, computer programmer, astronaut etc.

The activities of the project included visits in different companies related to the STEM field and educational institutions, which gave to the children the chance to see innovative and creative environments and inspired them to approach STEM choices for their future studies and careers.

At the end of the project a science exhibition was organized within school to showcase the as the creative ideas of all the children and to get to share with everyone what they have learnt during this project.

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