Name Email Position Phone City Year of Attendance Program Interest Field Contribution Comments
Altin Gashi student +38349141175 2021-2023 Other Sports,Computer Science/Engineering,Languages voluntary work etc mabye make more activities related to sports so we can know how that games goes
Aid Sopjani Business Owner 044795930 2020 - 2022 KAEF Entrepreneurship/Business Management Voluntary work, consulting, professional expertise, etc.
Redon Cami Motion Graphics Designer +38349434616 2016 TLP Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Education,Media/Public Relations Professional expertise
Dina Vllasaliu Project Manager and Economic Researcher 0038344613556 2018 TLP Economy/Finance,Energy/Renewable Energy Activities related to promotion of sustainable energy, economic development, environmental economics
Nemanja Nestorovic Deputy Director +381658189526 2023 IVLP Civil society Community engagement, reconciliation, diversity
Besiana Berisha Senior oficer for renewable 044601789 2023 IVLP Energy/Renewable Energy Professional expertis
Driton Pustina Senior Finance/Budget Officer at EU Special Representative in Kosovo 044161091 2 TLP Economy/Finance Voluntary work, professional expertise.
Elna Eshrefi Computer Science Teacher +38349918897 2019-2021 Other Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Education,Economy/Finance,Energy/Renewable Energy,Computer Science/Engineering,Tourism,Environment/Sustainable Development Drawing upon my roles as an Executive Assistant, Co-founder of Veshdesh, and Computer Science Teacher, I bring a blend of administrative, leadership, and educational skills that can contribute meaningfully to KUSA initiatives. Hi, I was part of the Women in Energy Program led my MCC in cooperation with MFK during 2019-2021. I look forward to being a KUSA alumni and joining the wider community of change makers!
Merita Sefaj Investigator at Police Inspectorate of Kosovo +38348191334 2023 IVLP Law/Democracy/Human Rights Law enforcement, anti corruption
Orhan Butic Program Manager in NGO Voice of roma, ashkali and egyptians +38349935556 2023 IVLP Civil society,Education,Environment/Sustainable Development Long-term experience on the social inclusion of Roma, Askalians and Egyptians in Kosovo Greater focus on minority communities for better economic and social development in Kosovo
Agnesa Haxhiu External Adviser of the Speaker of the Assembly of Kosova +383 45 29 59 32 2023 Other Politics,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,International Relations/Public Policy
Avni Mustafa RVK Executive Director +38349268600 2021 IVLP Civil society Human/Minority Rights N/A
Bajram Neshati Power engineering; Energy specialist at the office of developing MCC's compact project 0038348790791 2023 IVLP Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Energy/Renewable Energy,Computer Science/Engineering,Environment/Sustainable Development Profesional expertise /
Renuar Bylykbashi Student/fashion designer +38349571840 2022/23 YES Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Tourism,Languages I would love to do voluntary work!
Luz Balaj Professor of Constitutional Law -University of Prishtina & External Advisor at the Office of the President +38344326492 Other Law/Democracy/Human Rights Leadership, Law, Homan Rights, Career orientation etc
Edita Medunjanin Project Manager +383 49 738 054 2019 Youth Leadership through Sport (YLS) Voluntary work
Gjin Stublla High School Student +38345909921 22/23 YES Civil society,Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,Media/Public Relations,Politics,Sports,Economy/Finance,Computer Science/Engineering,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy Voluntary work
Artina Hasani Event Manager & 3x3 Basketball +38344421157 2019 Other Sports Voluntary work and Events Manager of Sports
Afrim Hamidi Professor +383 44 258 252 2011 JFDP Agriculture Professional expertise, voluntary work in Food Safety and One Health Activites I am a professional in the field of Food Science, actually a Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Public Health (EU specialist in Food Science) and am ready to provide my expertise in this field. Food Safety, respectively Food Science belongs to the fields under appreciated in the Kosovo Society and low confidence by Kosovo consumers. The improvement of the level of Food Safety needs a multidisciplinary approach and first of all, weaknesses have to be identified and than problems to be addressed. Since my JFDP program in 2011, I have organized at least 7 Symposiums in the field of Veterinary Public Health with broad audience. Being also a Diplomate of the EU College of Veterinary Public Health since December 2022, I am also very interested to organize discussions with different institutions (policy makers), executive agencies as well as Research Institutes and Universities in Kosovo to identify the gaps and get involved to build strategies for the coming 5 years by fostering the integration of Food Safety Systems and all together the improvement of the actual situation and work for the implementation of EU legislation and improve the safety in the whole production chain.
Rabia Bayraktar Student 043 971 907 2021-2023 Other Languages Drawing, learning languages, archery
Elna Eshrefi - Computer Science Teacher at Prishtina High School, - Co-founder & Head of Administration at VeshDesh, - Executive Assistant at Oxford Property Group. 045967989 2019-2021 Other Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Education,Energy/Renewable Energy,Computer Science/Engineering,Environment/Sustainable Development With a robust background in executive assistance, IT, and education, I offer specific contributions to KUSA activities. Leveraging my organizational skills, I can streamline event coordination and enhance communication within the organization. As a computer science teacher, I bring a valuable perspective to educational initiatives, coding events, and workshops, aligning with KUSA's commitment to diversity. My experience in renewable energy aligns with KUSA's sustainability goals. Moreover, my cross-cultural communication skills, honed as an Outsourcing Project Manager and EU observer assistant, can support KUSA's outreach and community-building efforts. In summary, my varied expertise positions me to actively contribute to KUSA's diverse activities.
Eglantina Avdiu Psychologist, Managing Director +38349357712 2022 IVLP Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Education,Energy/Renewable Energy,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,Environment/Sustainable Development
Puhiza Shemsedini Student 043 777 721 2022/2023 YES Civil society,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,International Relations/Public Policy,Environment/Sustainable Development Voluntary work, internships, organising activities, public speaking, exchange opportunities, participating in workshop and trainings, etc. I am very honoured and grateful to be part of the KUSA community
Blerim Gashani Deputy Minister of MInistry of Internal Affairs +383 44 234 015 1 IVLP
Leonora kadriu Prosecutor 0038344165475 2023 IVLP Law/Democracy/Human Rights professional expertise
Renuar Bylykbashi College student +38349571840 2022/23 YES Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Economy/Finance,Languages,Environment/Sustainable Development I would do voluntary work! I have a lot of knowledge in fashion design and my high-school major is fashion design and I am currently attending my first year of college in the field of fashion design and textiles, since I have a lot of knowledge I would love to apply for one of your grants which would give me the opportunity to start my own business and contribute to the community by offering trainings to unemployed people specifically women who don’t have any education in hopes that they would be able to then find jobs and provide for themselves and their families.
Vlera Ademaj Student +383045420747 2021-2023 Other Languages Voluntary work, help others, making new friends, meeting new people, improving language Access Program was the best experience that I had and there I met new people and made new friends. The most important things I improved English language and socialized more.
Bejza Kacaniku student 044607852 2021-2023 Other Law/Democracy/Human Rights languages
Efza Guzhda student 045 863 444 2021-2023 Other Languages Voluntary work Access Program
Sara Hoxhaj Student 044646061 2021-2023 Other Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Education Voluntary work Access program
Sueda Maksuti Student 45639824 2021-2023 Other Languages Volunteer work Access Program
Blerona uzunaj high school student 043855475 2023 Other Agriculture Voluntary work
Hana Zeqa fashion & costume designer / founder of Fight or Flight Studio 049609009 2023 Other Art design voluntary work, professional expertise
Albinota Krasniqi Student of media 46165828 CCI Media/Public Relations
Gresë Sermaxhaj Freelancer/ Goldin Institute Fellow 49722994 CCI Media/Public Relations I see myself contributing to KUSA activities in the capacity of a professional expertise in Public Relations and Media Literacy. These two components combine my field work and my academics in the U.S, and I feel confident that I would be a good source for KUSA and its benefits.
Florentina Lipovica Student +38348114133 2022-2023 CCI Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,Media/Public Relations,Politics,Sports,Computer Science/Engineering,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,International Relations/Public Policy,Languages . With a background in digital media and communication, I am well-equipped to support initiatives related to content creation, communication strategies, and digital media engagement. In addition, my deep interest in human rights, IT, and combating fake news and propaganda drives me to promote media literacy, raise awareness about misinformation, and foster a transparent and accountable media environment. Leveraging technology and IT solutions to advance human rights causes and empower youth is a key focus for me. I am eager to collaborate on projects that combine my expertise in digital media, my dedication to human rights, and my passion for IT. Whether it involves organizing workshops, awareness campaigns, or leveraging digital platforms, I am committed to making a positive impact within our community.
Puhiza Shemsedini Student 043 777 721 2022/2023 YES Civil society,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,International Relations/Public Policy,Environment/Sustainable Development Voluntary work, internships, organising activities, public speaking, exchange opportunities, participating in workshop and trainings, etc. I am very honoured and grateful to be part of the KUSA community
Donat Shehu Student +38349802705 2022-2023 YES Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,Economy/Finance,International Relations/Public Policy Voluntary work
Elsa Fejza Student +383 45 977 519 2022-2023 YES Computer Science/Engineering Volunteering
Romesa Bikliqi Yes Alumni +38345620140 2022/23 YES Education,Languages Help in education of children in foreign languages like English
Vlera Zymeri Student +383 44 919 066 CCI Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Education,Health/Medicine/Social Welfare,Media/Public Relations,Politics,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,International Relations/Public Policy,Languages Professional Expertise, Trainings, Workshop, Voluntary Work
Riga Sadiku Student +38345261211 2023 YES Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage Anything that you might need help on! I like doing voluntary work, participating in workshops and mentoring .
Era Morina Student 45217000 2022/2023 YES Economy/Finance I am open to participating in anything. While i show interest in economics and finance i do tend to gravitate toward history and arts as an hobby. I'm willing to accept any type of work coming my way! n/a
Pjetër Nikolla Unoccupied +38343575597 2022/23 YES Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Education,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,Media/Public Relations,Politics,Sports,Computer Science/Engineering,Tourism,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,International Relations/Public Policy,Languages Voluntary work
Orges Selimi Student 049114210 2022-2023 YES Civil society,Art/Culture/Cultural Heritage,Entrepreneurship/Business Management,Education,Health/Medicine/Social Welfare,Law/Democracy/Human Rights,Media/Public Relations,Sports,Economy/Finance,Energy/Renewable Energy,Computer Science/Engineering,Regional Security,Tourism,Agriculture,Psychology/Sociology/Philosophy,International Relations/Public Policy,Environment/Sustainable Development organizing, voluntary work, creating projects, implementation of projects, promoting the activity Activities that encourage human rights especially those of the LGBTQ+ community, considering that not all places in Kosovo promote and encourage equality amongst all.