Mentorship Program

The  Mentoring  Program intended to assist young women to learn from their mentors through an ongoing skill-building and problem-solving process, with a  capacity-building approach. The scope of the program was to provide career development guidance and coaching to senior female students on how to get involved in institutional life after graduation.  This project was implemented by female KUSA members in collaboration with the University of Gjilan “Kadri Zeka”, public institutions of the Republic of Kosovo and various NGOs.

Reached objectives of this project are:

  • Encouraged  an experience-exchange  discussion among mentors  and mentees, who have faced  difficulties as women during their  professional careers and work experience  and sharing tips on how to balance their  professional career and private life as well  as their commitment to avoid gender discrimination  and other challenges;
  • Promoted  communication  and cooperation  among female students  and women who are in senior  and leadership positions within  the institutions of Republic of Kosovo,  political parties, private companies and NGOs;
  • Mentored  and guided  female students  on their job-hunt  after graduation, on  their approach in the  institutional and public  life, on their job interview  preparation, on their behavior skills  while working as a team member in an  organization and on their “obstacles-training” towards  reaching career success;

Through the process  “Learning by doing”  the 10 mentees were placed in 7 different institutions of the mentors where they had a chance to enhance their professional capacities on management, leadership, work methodology, communication. They also had the chance to learn on the preparation of official documents, representation of institutions, advancement of inter-institutional communication, participation in meetings and conferences etc.

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