Extracurricular School Activities

The first phase of the project for extracurricular activities has had a significant impact on the schools and students, as well as our alumni. Through this project, we have formed or reactivated four school clubs in four schools, with the help of our alumni who have volunteered to become coordinators for some of the clubs.

Through this project, we have achieved to change the culture of schools, including both students and professors. This is so since both parties have shown great interest in staying after school hours to participate in these clubs. Moreover, KUSA Members have shown interest in volunteering in club activities by holding lectures for the students or helping in the development of new ideas for future activities.

For the second phase of this project, we have reached an agreement with all six selected schools in Kacanik, Ferizaj and Shtërpcë, to either establish or re-establish school clubs. These school clubs will include Art, Outdoor Activities, Technology and Debate Club. Each club will consist of 20 – 25 students of different backgrounds, which will be holding activities at least two times per month.

The purpose of these clubs is to enable students to develop their creative side by implementing knowledge on very diverse fields. Through these clubs, we are aiming to highlight the skills of children by developing self-confidence in various aspects and critical thinking skills.

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