What is KUSA?

Kosovo United States Alumni is a nonprofit association, established in 2007 with the help of the U.S. Embassy in Kosovo and its founding board. KUSA is an association of more than 1300 members that had the opportunity to receive scholarships of U.S. Government-funded exchanges and training programs to study in United States of America. KUSA operates as a democracy that values its members who are making significant contributions by sharing skills and best practices acquired during their U.S. exchange experience with colleagues and communities across Kosovo.


KUSA’s mission is to promote its members by supporting alumni-initiated activities that help civil society involvement in Kosovo’s reform efforts, encourage tolerance and integration of marginalized or displaced populations, and celebrate the strong links between the people of the United States and the people of Kosovo.

Who is KUSA member?

KUSA members are alumni of the U.S. State Department funded exchange programs. They are independent group of bright and creative individuals who are compassionate, action-oriented and who exhibit uncompromising integrity. They are ready to facilitate and share with Kosovo institutions in central and local level as well as with community groups and citizens, their knowledge and expertise, which directly affects citizen’s life and their general development.

Programs include: IVLP, OWLP, Fulbright, Humphrey Fellowship, Ben Franklin, TLP, Access, YES, KYEP, UGRAD, Ron Brown, Marshall C. Marshall, Hope Fellow, SEEYLI, and KAEF, STEM, WYP, YTILI, Women2Women, JFDP, UPENN, Tourism Program.

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Become a member

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KUSA Alumni

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KUSA Staff
Labinot Salihu
Executive Director
Fjolla Ajdaraga
Alumni Program Manager
Zana Begolli
Graphic Design and PR Coordinator
Fisnik Ahmeti
Grants Coordinator
Flutra Sherifi
Admin/Finance Manager
KUSA Board
Erblin Hoxha

Exc. Director at the Debate Center

Bleta Zeqiri

Owner of Chocolate Corner and Belgian Chocolates, Teacher & Coordinator at Oxford Studio

Shkendije Himaj

Coordinator of General Functions at Central Bank of Republic of Kosovo

Nora Latifi Jashari

Executive Director at GAP Institute

Elvira Dushku

Secretary General of the Kosovo Basketball Federation.

Dejan Jankovic

Deputy General Director at Kosovo Police.

Fjollë Caka

Architect & Urban Planner

Arta Agani

Director of The National Gallery of Kosovo.

Mjellma Carabegu Vokshi

Assistant Professor in University of Prishtina, Department of Economics.

Rozafa Ukimeraj Çuni

Secretary General at Ministry of Local Government Administration

Sytrime Dervisholli

Head of Trade Department at Ministry of Trade and Industry Kosovo


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