OMNESCODE – “Digitalization of Paper-Based Exams for Coding Classes”

Each year, through mid-scale projects, KUSA engages in projects that seek to support Kosovo’s education system and increase the quality of teaching and learning by innovation and technology. 2020 KUSA Project aims to support the higher education system by creating an innovative coding platform for computer science professors and students.

Today, students aspiring to become programmers have to undergo paper-based exams. In times of tremendous advancement in technology, delivering paper-based exams for to-be programmers is impractical.

Computer engineering students in many countries take their exams in platforms similar to their coding environment and result in better coding skills. Through Omnescode, professors can create tests to examine the students’ abilities in programming languages in a web application analogous to the setting they exercise, thus ending the old method of pen and paper exams.

KUSA is very proud to bring this solution to the education system in Kosovo by developing a product that answers the needs of the students and professors, and that opens the door to the digitization of the paper-based exams for all departments as it includes a word processor that allows students to write text, math formulas, and other specific tasks.

Once exercises and exams are digital, it will ease students’ writing code tasks and intensify their productivity. On the other hand, Omescode will save professors time and effort in printing out exams, which will be replaced with the web application.

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