“Prishtina School Clubs” Fair

On September 27, 2019, KUSA hosted students from all over Prishtina at the “Prishtina School Clubs” fair, where KUSA alumni, local companies, students and parents discussed what activities are possible at the new afterschool Technology, Debate, Art, and Outdoors clubs. The curriculum and club guideline developed by KUSA members and experts of the field was distributed to the teachers who were thrilled to start implementing it.

Makerspaces such as Bonevet and FARA Workshop were the main attraction of the fair, with young tech enthusiasts eager to learn more about AI, robots, 3D printers, and Computer Numerical Control (CNC).

Sponsored by the U.S. Embassy, the “Prishtina School Clubs” project established extracurricular school clubs in all Prishtina area primary schools, based on KUSA alumni’s own experience on exchange in the U.S., where extracurricular activities and afterschool clubs are woven into the fabric of everyday student life.

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