Prishtina School Clubs

The Directorate of Education in the Municipality of Prishtina has come to a decision for Primary Schools to spend 30% of their curriculum to extracurricular school activities. Therefore, with KUSA’s experience in Primary School Clubs from the project “Alumni Engagement through Extracurricular School Activities,” the Directorate and KUSA have reached an agreement to collaborate for the implementation of this project.

With this in mind, KUSA will organize a fair where the club’s organizational structure will have the chance to meet KUSA Alumni and different companies operating in Kosovo. The organizational structure is made up of 20-25 students, i.e. the club coordinator who is a full time professor at the school, the president and the vice president who are selected from the students. KUSA alumni will share their experience and expertise, whereas, the companies will share their work as well as the expertise that their company needs and values. Moreover, the clubs that will be established or re-activated are Art, Outdoor Activities, Technology and Debate Club. Therefore, through this fair, the schools will have a chance to develop a curricula for the club which they will follow throughout the school year.

The fair will be organized in the following weeks and KUSA’s help for the schools to develop these clubs will continue throughout the year.

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