Second Phase of the project “Removing Ceiling for Equal Opportunity”

The second phase of the project “Removing Ceiling for Equal Opportunities”  provided professional development training for a selected group of professional women with different backgrounds. The training modules were within a framework of the certification program, which equipped participants with necessary skills to exercise a decision-making position, and it changed attitude and practice by reducing gender stereotyping in the workplace. It was designed to remove some of the impediments related to barriers that women face.

The majority of participants in the training sessions were KUSA Alumnae who had the opportunity to gain knowledge on how to achieve and hold decision-making positions. This project increased awareness about the glass ceiling that professional and competent women in Kosovo face when they are eligible to hold decision making positions within private and public institutions.

The certification program is designed to cover key areas of corporate governance and decision making and is organized in two stages. The first stage was implemented in 2017, consisted of the following modules:

  • “Ethics,  Integrity and  Transparency”  presented  by Afrim Atashi,  who elaborated how  companies’ ethical and  moral behavior can change  a companies’ course, and how  to look forward to a fully transparent  company future;
  • “Strategic  Planning – Developing  and Implementing Organizational  Strategy”  presented  by Merita Gjyshinca  Peja who talked about  how an organization defines  its strategy and how it allocated  its resources to peruse this strategy;   
  • Corporate  Social Responsibility  (CSR)” presented by Arjeta Spahiu who talked about the ethical principle that an organization should be responsible for how its behavior might affect society and the environment. We were also honored to welcome Robert Wright, CEO of Raiffeisen Bank Kosovo,  as a keynote speaker during this module.
  • “Financial  Management” presented by Hajdar Hoxha.


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