Saloon Talks

Are you on the hunt for thought-provoking podcasts that challenge conventional thinking? The “Saloon Talks-Podcasts” is the end result of the Fulbright Alumni Small Grants Project implemented by Kosovo Serb alumni Viktor Popovic and Milivoje Raicevic. This innovative podcast series combines engaging interviews, lively discussions, and insightful reflections, making it a rising star in the world of alternative media. With a commitment to Freedom of Speech and tackling controversial topics, Saloon Talks has set itself apart from traditional media outlets and is gaining popularity with a growing audience. The podcast engaged in interviews with the Kosovo-Serb community, featuring guests from various fields, such as music, politics, law, and activism, who bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the show.

The podcast’s format and commitment to authentic and diverse content have garnered positive feedback from its primarily young adult audience. To promote the podcast and engage with its audience, Saloon Talks has expanded its social media presence with Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channels, with over 5,000 unique views to date and an average of 150 viewers per episode. The podcast’s success can be attributed to its commitment to Freedom of Speech, addressing taboo topics, and providing a platform for insightful conversations and alternative perspectives. As Saloon Talks looks to the future, it can build on its success by improving consistency, diversifying guests and topics, and incorporating interactive multimedia content.

In conclusion, as Saloon Talks continues to grow, it will remain a vital alternative media source for young adults seeking to stay informed and engaged in today’s rapidly changing world.

“Saloon Talks Podcast” YouTube Channel Link

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