Systematic Visitations

To maintain the good overall health of children, one of the most important pillars of public healthcare is the education of the civic population on the importance of self-care. KUSA alumni Izet Sadiku and Merita Emini implemented the project “Systemic visitations and health education for primary school students,” funded by the Alumni Small Grants Program (ASG). The project aimed to train and educate the students and the teachers about healthcare through a series of lectures on the topics of obesity, diabetes, scoliosis, and dental hygiene. The systematic visits in all Prishtina schools were followed by the lectures held through a two-day info session where 80 teachers from Prishtina and nearby areas were informed on the importance of healthcare by experts in their respective fields, such as doctors, nutritionists, and physical health professors.

Before the information sessions started, speeches were delivered by the Director of Health, Dr. Izet Sadiku, and the Director of Education, Besiana Musmurati, who are both KUSA alumni. The information sessions were followed by engaging videos and lectures of KUSA alumni, Dr. Dafina Bytyqi in the field of orthopedics, and Faton Tishukaj in the field of the importance of physical health and sports.

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