The University Support Grants Program 2023/24
will open soon!

Kosovo United States Alumni (KUSA) announces an open competition for the U.S. Embassy University Support Grants Program. KUSA will award a series of small grants to support higher education institutions to better address social and economic development challenges through research, development, and extension services. Follow the instructions below when writing your project proposal.

The University Support Grants Program 22/23 will be dedicated to projects that focus on the following objectives:


Objective 1: Support improvement of continued student assessment practices and integrity in higher education.

KUSA will work closely with higher education stakeholders to support projects that address students’ role in increasing and ensuring integrity in higher education.


Objective 2: Support research and innovation that links academia with industry.

To achieve this objective, KUSA will cooperate with HEIs to finance projects that suggest innovative research projects, and that will produce data useful to various active industries.


Objective 3: Promote and support hybrid student learning.

With the modernization of learning techniques, KUSA seeks to support HEI projects that focus on further development of hybrid learning opportunities for students with the goal of increased understanding of the benefits of instituting reforms to better align their curricula with the needs of the modern economy.

The University Grant Program will be dedicated to projects targeted at topics such as:

The University Grant Program does NOT fund projects such as following:

How to apply?

All applications must be submitted by email on or before September 30, 2022, at with the subject line "USGP22/23 "Project Title" - Name of University/Organization". Applications submitted after that time will be ineligible for consideration. There will be no exceptions to this application deadline.